Course Instabilities and Turbulence#

This is the new website of a Master 1 course on instabilities and turbulence.


This site is a work in progess. Many things should be improved!

On the author

I’m Pierre Augier, a researcher at LEGI studying geophysical turbulence with experiments and numerical simulations. I’m the maintainer of the FluidDyn project. I did a PhD at LadHyx (Paris) and 2 post-docs at KTH (Stockholm) and DAMTP (Cambridge, UK).


This course is inspired by many books, courses and documents. In particular, I used a lot the course of Olivier Cadot Introduction à la turbulence given at ENSTA and the book Hydrodynamique physique [Guyon, Hulin, and Petit, 2021].

  • This course is as simple and gradual as possible. You should be able to understand everything. Do not hesitate to ask questions!

  • This course has to be interactive! YOU will have to work. With pen and paper but also with computers. We will use tools really used in sciences and research: in particular Linux, Mercurial, LaTeX and Python…

  • Practical work with Linux. You will need to work with a computer with Ubuntu >= 18.04. We will use UGA computers but you can also install Ubuntu on your computer.

Practical sessions#

Part of this course will be dedicated to work on a practical task: you will have to write a report in Latex (with figures) and to put the source of this report in a repository on the website Instructions and advice about the content of your report are described in this page. We will spend some sessions for you to learn enough to be able to do this task.

Clone this repository#

Clone the repository with Mercurial (and the extension hg-git, as explained here):

hg clone

or with ssh (so you need to create a ssh key and copy the public key on

hg clone



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